Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I've been chosen to do a giveaway!

In my quest to figure out how to get my name "out there" and hopefully draw more people to my site, I came across a wonderful blog:

I emailed Amanda, the blog author, and told her I would love to do a Giveaway. She got back and said I could be the "Grand Prize" in her 1-year anniversary celebration!

I can't wait to design for the lucky winner!

A New Year...A New Name

I've made a couple of resolutions for this new year and one of them is to try harder to get my little business off the ground. I have to admit that I've been hesitant to REALLY get my name out there, but this year I'm going to do it! I changed the name from BB Blog Design to 7M Designs because I wanted something a little more personal (my personal blog is Seven Millers) and I don't want to limit myself to blog design. I've designed Christmas cards, birth announcements, web sites, etc. I love it and have fun with it!

So send me an email and let's get started...